I am also a reader, actually only read 20 books. But this list is sure good choice.

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Books can entertain, sucking you like a tornado into incredible new worlds. Books can teach, giving you a richer understanding of time periods, people and ideas you’ve never been exposed to. But books can do so much more.

[ted_talkteaser id=1755]In today’s talk, TED’s own Lisa Bu introduces us to the concept of “comparative reading,” the practice of reading books in pairs, to give deeper context and reveal new insights. Comparative reading not only helped Bu adjust to American culture after moving here from China for graduate school — it also helped her re-imagine her life and find new directions after her dream failed to come true. This personal, moving talk about the magic of books and resilience of the human spirit is a must-watch »

Every year at TED, we set up a bookstore filled with books recommended by TEDsters of note. Today, as you prepare for a summer…

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Reading Rich Dad and Poor Dad.

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Business

I’ve been reading this book since two days and this book is so great, and I love how Robert Kiyosaki has explained about the guidance of his Poor dad and Rich dad. Both of his dad were successful in their careers and both earned well but one struggled financially all his life and other one became richest Man in Hawaii. His both dad believed in education but did not recommend same course of studies.

During reading this book I found that, how Rich think about money and how Poor think about money. I found that poor thinks that Love of money is the root of all evil, and rich thinks differently rich thinks ” Lack of money is the root of all evil”

I learned many things about accounting , cash flow , assets , liabilities and how money work for us.The lesson we learn in school and college is just a scholastic college ,In college they don’t teach us how to generate money they just prepare us for being a job holder but not a job creator. Mostly many of the school in Nepal only focus on preparing student for exam’s but not for real life. By reading this book I totally came to know lot about money and how it works. This book is a true inspiration for who want to be entrepreneur I learned a lot.